"Over the last 100 years, our family has relied on Pommade Divine. Why has it been so hard to get hold of any recently?"
Pommade Divine went out of production in the 1980s. Luckily, the formula was bought for the sole purpose of bringing back the product.

"With four children, I am always looking for an all-round remedy for bumps and bruises. Will Pommade Divine help?"
Any childhood scrape will be healed much quicker with Pommade Divine.

"Is Pommade Divine all natural?"
Absolutely - all ingredients are sourced worldwide to produce a completely safe and soothing product.

"Is Pommade Divine just for young or very active people?"
Not at all - the naturally soft and tender salve is wonderful for aging skin. In the elderly, skin can become frail and taut - rubbing on Pommade Divine helps the elasticity and brings comfort.

"My toddler is still in nappies and gets a rash on his bottom. Would Pommade Divine help?"
Certainly - it will help relieve the soreness and go towards clearing the situation up.

"My son is a sports fanatic, especially contact sports. Will Pommade Divine help his many minor injuries?"
Yes, definitely! Put a tube of Pommade Divine into his sports bag, and tell him that whenever he falls or does something which is likely cause bruising, take some Pommade Divine and rub it in to the affected area. He will be amazed at how it immediately soothes the ache, and how Pommade Divine will deal with the potential bruise.

"My daughter and her young family love being in the sun. Unfortunatly, she and her children sometimes get a bit sunburnt. Can Pommade Divine help?"
Of course. The gentle, natural ingredients in Pommade Divine will soothe away the after-sun pain, while at the same time helping any dry or cracked skin.

"Why do some people rely on Arnica and others Pommade Divine? What is the difference?"
Arnica is a single substance, whereas Pommade Divine is a combination of natural ingredients, which therefore has a better and wider range of uses.

"How do you pronounce 'Pommade Divine'?"
It is pronounced 'po-mahd di-veen', although many are calling it 'PD' for short.

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