The story of Pommade Divine goes back almost 300 years to early Victorian times.

Different apothecaries in the 18th Century made their own versions of this ointment under the generic name “pommade divine”, but the formula used by the family firm of Butler and Co., originally sold through their shop in Clerkenwell, became the brand leader. Used for bruises, chapped skin, sunburn, rashes and other skin conditions, no nursery or nanny would be without a pot. It became one of the staple family products of the British Empire, and would be sent out to families in India and Africa like other famous remedies and foodstuffs of the period.

In the modern era, the product became available through all the pharmaceutical outlets in the UK and at the newer retail chains like Boots. The family business was sold after World War II to a large public company, but was allowed to decline through lack of promotion. The decision was taken to cease production, and Pommade Divine was no longer available in chemist shops. Fortunately, the formula was sold to a family that had first-hand knowledge of its amazing properties, and a small quantity continued to be made and sold privately to faithful customers by word of mouth.

In recent years, an advertisement placed in "The Lady" magazine produced an extraordinary response. A series of fascinating letters were received describing the past uses of the ointment by different families, as well as the variety of nicknames by which it was known - "mummy's magic cream", "bump cream" and “our salve” (as in "salvation")!

A decision has been taken to increase production and to make 'PD' available for a whole new international generation to use, and maybe even create their own "pet names".

Do try it and let us know yours!