Pommade Divine is a 300-year-old traditional British healing balm using 100% natural ingredients.

Fast, soothing relief for bruises, burns, scrapes, grazes, and insect bites.
Long-standing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis are gently alleviated by the natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients.
Babies with cradle cap, nappy rash, eczema, and minor skin problems get fast relief.

Pommade Divine has a regal history, from Princess Elizabeth Charlotte of Bavaria 1718 to the present British Royal Family.

In 1980 The Heimann Family acquired the product. Diana Heimann handmade some soap in her kitchen in Cape Town, which is now ready for you to buy. Limited stocks are available.

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“I was brought up with Pommade Divine - now I use it on my daughter. It's a fantastic product that I always have in the house.”
Sienna Miller - Actress
“Pommade Divine is magic!
Rub on the magic balm, and the burn just seems to go, leaving no scar.”
Caroline Cassels - Matron at King Edward VII's Hospital
“I love this product
and always have.”
Nathan Roberts - Model
PD has been used by a number of my patients. They have all reported that they experienced an enormous reduction in bruising and swelling in the post-operative phase. I will continue to advise patients to use it.”
Dr F J Duminy MB ChB, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon London & Cape Town