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"I suffer from dry flaky skin. The expensive cream I use had finished so I turned to Pommade Divine. Within days my T-zone was clear. It looked and felt moisturised and 'happy'. Not only that, the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead have faded. The added bonus: Pommade Divine smells wonderful - herbal, medicinal, natural! I just want to say 'Thank You'!"
- Genevieve Donovan, South of France and South Africa, Age 36

"I was brought up with Pommade Divine - now I use it on my daughter. It's a fantastic product that I always have in the house."
- Sienna Miller,

"I love this product and always have."
- Nathan Roberts,
Model, Actor

"Personally I think Pommade Divine is magic! In my work I often bump and bruise myself – even scalding seems to be part of everyday life – rub on the magic balm, and the burn just seems to go, leaving no scar. I wouldn’t be without it."
- Caroline Cassels,
Matron at King Edward VII's Hospital in London

"We used to call it 'magic bump stuff', because no matter how bad the bruising was it had more or less vanished by the next day."
- I M Davies, Perthshire, Scotland

"As a child, constistently getting into mischief and therefore receiving my fair share of bumps and bruises, we always had to run and get the 'pop' as we knew it, as it came in a ribbed bottle with a cork!"
- Audrey Adams, Belfast, N Ireland

"I grew up with it, as the magical cure for all sorts of things, my grandchildren and great grandchildren are thrilled with it, we always called it 'Bonk stuff' in my nursery days."
- Judith Maquire, BC, Canada

“Mum got me some 'PD' for the playground - now everybody wants some!
- Tom L, Yorkshire, UK

"As a child in the 1920s I thought Pommade Divine had magic properties."
- Mrs Campbell, Suffolk, UK

"Now in my 80s, as a family we were never without Pommade Divine. My young family in the 1950s were also familiar with it, so too were their young friends from cricket and football knocks! I send it to relations all over the world, from Jamaica to Australia."
- Mrs Patricia Douglas, Monmouth, Wales

"The Mead family are crying out for Pommade Divine. My heels, fingers are all in need in England's dreadful weather! It has been a family favourite for over 35 years, and applied to every ill, thank goodness for it."
- S M Mead, Hertfordshire, UK

"There was always a pot of Pommade Divine in the Nursery cupboard in the early Twenties. Whenever we had an 'AOW', it was used immediately. I will never forget the wonderful healing smell - before it worked its Magic. We thought it was called 'Pommade de Vin' -very French! Happy days."
- Hugh Dunstern, Wiltshire, UK

"Thank you for Pommade Divine! I have used it on myself, my dog's paw and my horse's cut leg."
- Mrs Dalgliesh, Hexham, UK

"Pommade Divine is an excellent preparation (I was fobbed off with arnica and other like products). It is a huge help to anxious mothers and grandparents."
- Mrs Raymond, Suffolk, UK

"Always in the medicine cupboard at home, wonderful! Every young mother should have it in the house and in her handbag. We always call it "POM". It's good value compared with those fancy cosmetic products! Keep it up."
- Lady Iliffe, Berkshire, UK

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